Why Corporate Holiday Parties Are Important

Corporate parties come in all shapes and sizes, from a small get-together after work to a full-blown catered banquet.

They are fun any time of the year, but especially important during the holiday season.

As people work together, they form a familial bond that often extends beyond the workplace. They are members of teams working together towards common goals, and get close to those with whom they work closely together.

Those people they do not see or interact with each day are also members of the common company goal, so it is good to hold events that create interactions among all people at the company.


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Holding a catered event outside of the company allows workers to let go of day-to-day tensions and stressors and just enjoy being together.

It enables management and employees to learn more about each other on a social level, without the formality of the boss/employee relationship, which translates into a better working relationship in the office. It is also a way to make new connections with people they might not otherwise know.


Looking forward to a corporate holiday party is another way workers can bond.

Often, several people or departments are involved in its planning and/or execution. Having a fun goal like this lightens the mood and brings new spirit and motivation.

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A holiday corporate event is often the time when management gives out gifts, like year-end bonuses, or recognition, like employee awards.

The festive spirit of a catered event enables all employees to share in the joy and honors bestowed that day.

The holiday party is also a time to look back on the accomplishments of the year and recognize the efforts each person and team contributed to the company’s successes as a whole.

Giving Back

Your corporate holiday event can also be a way to incorporate the community into your corporate giving plan. Have employees bring food for a food drive for a local shelter, teddy bears for the area police department, or toys for charity organizations. Some catering companies, like Maison Culinaire, can be part of your giving campaign by donating a portion of the catering fee toward the charity of your choice as well.

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Some Important Decisions

Some of the important decisions you’ll need to make when planning your corporate party include:

  • Is alcohol allowed at the facility you choose? Will you be serving alcohol with the meal? Will you have an open bar? Will you have drink limits? You could offer one drink/cocktail upon arrival and a cash bar, or include alcohol in your event.
  • Will your corporate party be limited to employees only, like for a corporate luncheon? Or will you include spouses and “plus-ones,” as with a corporate dinner or evening party? Will children be included, or will events for children be planned?
  • Is this the time to hold your Secret Santa gift-giving? Will you be offering gifts or bonuses to each employee during this event?
  • Will you choose a venue that is already decorated for the holidays, or will you be providing your own decorations? Who will be assigned as part of your decorating team?
  • Have you chosen your caterer for your holiday party? Plan early, as their schedules fill up quickly, as do the venues. Can your caterer offer a variety of options, such as a cocktail reception, buffet or plated seated luncheon or dinner? Does your caterer offer a variety of cuisines from which to choose? Can your caterer help with the entire event planning including flowers, décor and entertainment as well as food and drink service?

Let Maison Culinaire Host Your Corporate Holiday Party

Maison Culinaire can help your staff plan the entire party, whether you hold it in your office or an outside venue, using our vast resources for local talent and suppliers. We’ll also help you choose the right menu from our International Cuisine options. Almost any world cuisine can be accommodated.

As for the event itself, you can expect perfection from Maison Culinaire. When it comes to elegance, flawless service, and refined food, Maison Culinaire is second to none.

For this year’s holiday party, choose Maison Culinaire. Contact us today to learn more, or fill out our online quote questionnaire. Serving corporate and state and federal offices throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

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