The Worst Wedding Menu Options

When you’re planning your wedding menu, you have a plethora of foods and service styles from which to choose. You want to appeal to your guests’ tastes and diet preferences while creating a signature menu that’s all your own. But there are some foods you should NOT serve at your wedding reception! Here are our recommendations:

worst wedding menu - The Worst Wedding Menu Options

Breath-Altering Foods

You might love raw onions and lots of garlic, but your dance partners may not! Beware of foods that could cause offensive breath. If you want to serve onions and garlic, have your caterer caramelize the onions or incorporate the garlic tastefully into the foods.

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Common Allergens

In today’s food culture, it is best to avoid the common foods that can cause allergic reactions, like nuts. If you can, avoid peanuts and mixed tree nuts like walnuts, almonds, pecans and Brazil nuts. If your food items do contain allergens, post a description of your menu options and ingredients or food labels at a buffet service. Ask the caterer to ensure that the servers know what ingredients are included so that when guests ask, the service staff can provide the answer.

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Two-Handed Cocktail Foods

During cocktail hour, your guests will likely have a drink in one hand and be trying to enjoy your delicious canapes with the other. Choose a cocktail menu of items that can be enjoyed with one hand like items served on skewers or one-bite spoons. If you choose to serve foods that require both hands to enjoy, provide high-top tables so that the plate or drink can be set down while eating.

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Messy Foods

You may love BBQ served with lots of sauce, tomato soup, or spaghetti and meatballs, but these foods can create a disaster when splattered on dressy clothes. Try to avoid foods that can easily be splashed or spilled when choosing your wedding reception menu.

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Overly Spicy Foods

People can tend to choose the “safe” options when attending a wedding reception, so design your menu around more standard type foods. It’s okay to serve one or two spicy options, as long as they are appropriately labeled. You’ll want to warn those who need to avoid spicy foods!

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A Heavy or Out-of-Season Meal

If you want your guests to dance, avoid serving a heavy meal laden with butter and cream. And offer locally-sourced, fresh ingredients that pay homage to the current seasonal harvest.  Provide a variety of proteins and produce that is sure to please a variety of age groups and palates and save the rich foods for decadent desserts!

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Choose the BEST Wedding Menu with an Experienced Caterer like Maison Culinaire

Since our first day in business many years ago, Chef Sus of Maison Culinaire has been planning exceptional wedding menus for receptions just like yours! She can help you design a menu that can wow the wide variety of family and friends who will be witnessing your special celebration. They’ll be sure to leave your reception completely satisfied!

We’ll discuss with you any known dietary preferences or allergen restrictions, and propose tempting menu options. All you have to do is choose your favorites!

While you’re planning your menu, let us know if you need assistance with all of the “extra” items that go along with putting together a wedding reception. Maison Culinaire will be glad to either provide or provide references to companies who can offer tables, chairs, table settings, decorations, lighting, sound, entertainment, and many other options. We can manage the entire reception for you, from setup to takedown and cleanup so you won’t have to worry about it on your big day.

For the best wedding catering in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland, contact Maison Culinaire.

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