The Art of Catering a Perfect Wedding

Are you ready for your big day?

We are! When it comes to wedding planning, everyone has something different in mind, especially for catering. The “art of catering”, as we like to call it comes in several forms.

It all starts with an elegant setting leading to a flawless service and ends on refined food with the sommelier pairing the decadent meal with a glass of your favorite wine. We make sure that your wedding is perfect from start to finish, which includes ensuring the décor is on point, the catering delivery arrives on time and our professional staff is always on standby to take care of everything.

Bringing Back Memories

blog0830 1 - The Art of Catering a Perfect WeddingMaison Culinaire brings you Chef Sus, who offers the bride and groom the opportunity to design their own catering menu… something that is exclusively theirs. We believe in the art of customization and that means offering these happy couples a wide selection of international cuisine.

It’s the small details that matter, wouldn’t you say?

So, what makes a perfect wedding?

Mark met Sally for the first time in a small bar in Arlington, TX. They bonded over a specialty drink called the Paloma. It was a memory very close to them because things were never the same after a few glasses and a long conversation that ended at 2 minutes to midnight.

Maison Culinaire re-wrote this story by offering them a full experience of a themed wedding with glasses of Paloma offered at the entrance and rustic finger food that brought back the essence of when they met for the first time. Our recreation allowed the guests to become a part of a special moment that happened years ago. Some people prefer a formal service, while others like to have a laidback dinner. Whatever they desire, we cater.

All weddings are special but those planned to the last detail, are the ones that make a personal connection with the bride and groom. We make sure that the couple’s story is reflected in those small details. After all, this is the one moment you want to be perfect!

Taste Matters

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The reception is a whole other business and something that we know makes a huge impression. Plating is equally important as the planning of food. What’s your pleasure: a buffet or a multi course dinner? A dish that is beautifully presented deserves to be savored and complimented… something our delicious food inspires. With attention to harmony, color and balance, we make sure each plate is picture perfect offering exquisite food.

The perfectly arranged seated dinner banquet gives people the experience of sitting in a Michelin Star restaurant. The place is decorated according to a bride and groom’s preferences, adding subtle details here and there, which make everything from the décor to the arrangement of the chairs, tables and flowers special.


blog0830 4 - The Art of Catering a Perfect Wedding

Our Impeccable International Cuisine that focuses on artistry is an idea that our chef designs and brings to delicious fruition, which is followed by flawless service. This brings the couple’s vision to light and makes sure that the wedding is perfect to a T. Lastly, what wedding is complete without alcoholic beverages? The bartender on-site makes sure that from cocktails to exotic drinks, the attendees get a sip of something unique and utterly refreshing. 

A single bite is all it takes, so allow us to join you and make your day extra special by offering you the best catering and décor service for your wedding.

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Written by Maison Culinaire

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