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Chefs, event planners and service personnel, Maison Culinaire provides it all!

Chef Sus founded Maison Culinaire in 1997 after years of experience as a restaurateur, working as an Executive Chef in hotels, country club's and conference centers. Chef Sus managed catering operations for Ovations at Wolf Trap, the Washington Redskins and the in-flight kitchens of United Airlines.

A native Indonesian and grew up in London, she came to the United States to pursue her masters’ degree in Anthropology intending to focus on teaching and research. Although she never worked in this field, she retained a deep appreciation of the tremendous variety of culture in the world. It is natural she specializes in global cuisine. Her ability to create world cuisine gives her clients endless choices. Sus blends her impeccable culinary talent with artistry creating edible works of art enjoyed by our clients.