Kosher-Style Catering

As an International Caterer based in the culturally-diverse Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Maison Culinaire is often called upon to create catering menus for specific cultures or cuisines, restrictive diets, or religious requirements. That’s why people often come to us when they need kosher-style catering. 

What Does Kosher Mean? 

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According to the laws laid out in the Torah, food that is considered kosher must comply with specific rules. For example, the only types of meats that may be consumed are cattle and animals that have “cloven hooves” and “chew the cud.” This includes cows, bulls, sheep, lambs, goats, and veal. Pigs are not considered kosher because although they have split hooves, they do not chew the cud. 

Kosher animals must be slaughtered by the “Schochet” ritual whereby it must be done in a way that does not cause pain to the animals. Unconsciousness must be instantaneous, and death almost instantaneous. After slaughter, forbidden fats and veins are removed from the meat and it is soaked in a room-temperature bath for half an hour. It is then placed on a salting table and coated with salt on both sides for an hour to draw out the blood. 

Fowl that is considered kosher include chicken, turkey, duck and goose. Their eggs may be eaten as long as they do not contain blood. Fish with fins and scales are the only types allowed, including tuna, salmon and herring. Shellfish is prohibited. Dairy products must come from kosher animals and may not include non-kosher additives. 

As for fruits, vegetables and grains, all that grow in the soil or on bushes, plants or trees are considered kosher. Any insects on or within these foods must be removed. 

Kosher-Style Catering 

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In respect for kosher traditions, Maison Culinaire takes great effort in preparing foods in kosher style. We have dedicated cooking vessels, utensils, and serving dishes to maintain complete separation of meat and dairy. Separate preparation, food storage and cooking areas are enforced as well. 

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There is a difference between kosher catering and kosher-style catering. Kosher catering must adhere to strict Jewish dietary laws, where meat and dairy, and the equipment used to prepare them are strictly separated and only kosher ingredients are used. 

Kosher-style catering allows foods to be prepared in any kitchen using the equipment and ingredients on hand. Menus for kosher-style catering do not include shellfish or pork, and substitutions can be made, like using beef or chicken sausage instead of pork, if sausages are wanted on the menu. 

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Maison Culinaire is glad to create a kosher-style menu for weddings, corporate, private and government events. We are also pleased to accommodate any specific dietary requirements and can make kosher substitutions in our menus for your guests. 

If you order pre-packaged kosher meals, we can package them in separate containers that can remained sealed until opened by your guests when served. This helps to let your guests know that the food they are receiving is kosher. 

Let Maison Culinaire create elegant and tasty kosher-style menus for your Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, Jewish ceremonies, and other social or corporate events. Include favorites like Matzo Ball Soup, Brisket Latkes and Kugel, or wow your guests with creative takes on traditional Jewish cuisine. 

Choose Maison Culinaire for your Northern Virginia, DC or Maryland Event 

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Trust Maison Culinaire to pull off a flawless catered event for your family, friends, or business associates. We will create a personalized menu from a range of International cuisines, and can help you coordinate all the elements of your event, from the dance floor to musicians to the decorations.  

When you want a truly exceptional catering experience, contact Maison Culinaire. 

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