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A great wedding is like a great meal – a fusion of elements brought together, with each aspect impeccably adding to the overall impact.   At weddings, very often the meal is what truly ties everything together.  When your wedding catering is on point, everything else about your wedding will seem like it falls into place.

TABLE SET UP - Get Wedding Catering from Maison CulinaireMaison Culinaire wedding catering can take a wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.  Our world-class chefs and extensive personalized services will ensure everyone at the wedding will remember it for a long time to come.

Receive Wedding Catering from A World-Class Chef

Our own Chef Sus Butler is a certified Executive Chef and has guided Maison Culinaire since its founding in 1997.  Prior to that, she had extensive experience working with corporations around the world, including being the personal caterer of the Washington Redskins.  Her own multinational background allows her to infuse her menus with the tastes of the world, seamlessly blending elements of all your favorite cuisines.

Every wedding banquet overseen by Chef Sus is truly a work of art, one which will inevitably impress your guests.  

A Wedding Banquet Designed for You

We offer an extensive menu for our wedding catering with selections for every taste, with options from around the world.  These can be served as individual plates or buffet-style.  However, our set menu is only the beginning.  

We proudly offer personalized consultations and virtually unlimited potential for customized creations. Whether you want help picking the best items from our menu for your guests, or you want to design an entire meal from start to finish, we will work tirelessly to make your wedding dreams come true.  Our team of chefs can replicate the cuisine of any nation or culture of the world, and our goal is to create wedding banquets that exactly express your tastes.

Every Detail Accounted For

When Maison Culinaire is part of your wedding planning team, you simply do not have to worry about the details.  We will handle everything on your behalf – with your approval, of course – while bringing your guests’ excellent fare alongside excellent service.  From each individual dish to the placement of the centerpiece, we craft every element of your wedding banquet for maximum effect.

There are other wedding catering services, but none that can deliver the same experience as Maison Culinaire.  Please contact us for a full consultation.


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