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When throwing a corporate event or wooing clients, presentation is everything – particularly the presentation of food.  Truly excellent corporate catering from world-class chefs can create an atmosphere that wows your guests and puts them in the perfect mood to seal a deal.  On the other hand, if the food is bland, they might think the same of your offer.  

Many things go into the perfect corporate catering service.  Include these 5 elements to reap rewards from your catered business event:

The Five Elements That Make for Impeccable Corporate Catering

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Your catering service should not merely provide food.  They should carefully and meticulously plan for every element of the meal – the plates, the flatware, the table-dressings, the centerpiece, and more.  Every aspect should be handled to create a presentation which is truly perfect down to the smallest detail.

2 – Flexible services to suit your guests

Do your attendees have special dietary needs, such as adhering to kosher or halal rules?  Are your guests from a certain part of the world, and you want to impress them with tastes of home?  Your corporate caterer should be able to go beyond their set menus, improvising and customizing the presentation to meet every need your guests might have.

3 – Different presentations for different moods

Do you want plated meals?  Buffets?  Chef stations for individual preparation?  Each type of presentation creates a different effect, and that effect adds to the overall mood.  A superior catering service will offer many different presentation options, as well as talking you through which option will be best for your attendees.

4 – Food for all meals

During the course of your event, your guests should not ever have to look far for it.  Choose a caterer who can handle any and all meals in the day – breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, even late-night cocktails, and snacks.  Make your guests feel downright pampered.

5 – Value added services

A truly superior caterer will go above and beyond, such as having full personalized consultations or assisting you in other areas of logistics such as choosing a venue.  A full-service caterer will ensure your event is seamless from beginning to end.

Choose Maison Culinaire For Your Corporate Event Catering

With world-class chefs and perfect attention to detail, we turn corporate events into unqualified successes.  Contact us for a consultation on your next event.


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Written by Maison Culinaire

A luxury catering firm for weddings, special events and corporate events, in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, Maryland.

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