Cheeses, Charcuterie, Fruits and Vegetables

Cheese Board

Our selection of International fruit and cheese board served with crackers and Condiment

Warm Brie en Croute

Warm brie topped with caramelized nuts and dried fruits, sliced French baguette

Fresh Vegetable Crudités

An abundance of farm fresh assorted seasonal vegetables, artistically displayed on white platter, served with homemade ranch, roasted tomato and cannellini bean aioli

Grilled Vegetable Crudités

Open fire grilled balsamic vinegar, fresh herbs and garlic glazed zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, portabella mushrooms. Peppers and red onions finished with a drizzled f balsamic vinaigrette.

Mediterranean Meze

Humus, Bhaba ghanoush, tomato bruschetta

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter

An assortment of abundance fresh seasonal fruits, artistically displayed

Dips and Such

Served with sliced baguette and pita triangle


Chesapeake Bay Crab
Artichoke Parmesan


Roasted Cauliflower
White Bean and Parsley oil
Bhaba Ghanoush
Roaster Re Pepper
Tomato Bruschetta

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