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Karedok is a local specialty food in Indonesia. Karedok made with ingredients such as raw vegetables; cucumber, bean sprouts, cabbage, green beans, basil, and eggplant. While the sauce is peanut sauce made from red peppers, garlic, kencur, peanuts, tamarind water, sugar, salt, and shrimp paste.




 Karedok - Did you know that Karedok

The Karedok is very unique because of all the vegetables in a fresh state, without going through the process of cooking so that the nutrients and fiber is very dense.

By the way Maison Culinaire is having Karedok and more at the Around the world cultural food festival.


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This year Maison Culinaire is presenting the ethnic food of Indonesia and El Salvador, come join The 2018 Around the World Cultural Food Festival with us !!!


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