Cute Catering Ideas to take ANY Baby Shower from #Basic to #Instaworthy!

Did you know that September is the most common month for babies to be born? Chances are, you’re planning a baby shower this month!

Since you want to spend time with the expectant mother (or perhaps you are that expectant mother yourself), you should consider having the party catered. To help you out, here are some cute catering ideas for your baby shower.


Baby Shower Blog Cover - Cute Catering Ideas to take ANY Baby Shower from #Basic to #Instaworthy!

Dress Up Classic Veggies and Dip

Carrots, celery, peppers and other crunchy raw vegetables can be julienned and served in miniature cups that are halfway filled with your favorite dip. These create colorful and fun individual servings.

Go Small

Babies are small, so play off the “little” theme with miniature version of popular foods. Serve soup in shot glasses. Create a mashed potato bar with whipped potatoes served in champagne glasses. Cook up some sliders or tiny tomato tarts. Offer colorful petit-fours and macarons for dessert. You could even offer small samples of various baby foods or make the tasting into a game.

Offer Charcuterie

Rather than plain cheese and crackers, make your guests feel special with an appealing charcuterie board filled with meats, cheeses, olives, grapes and nuts. Maison Culinaire has just the thing to wow your guests.

charcuterie - Cute Catering Ideas to take ANY Baby Shower from #Basic to #Instaworthy!

Go Classy with an English Tea Party

Serve up dainty cucumber sandwiches, scones and clotted cream for an elegant take on the baby shower, along with pots of flavored teas. Your guests will be charmed by your

Use Baby Gender Reveal Colors

Maison Culinaire can help you surprise your guests with the baby gender reveal by designing the theme around a pink or blue color scheme. Your guests with be delighted by the cute idea that includes themed-colored decorations, tableware and even foods in the assigned color.

Play Off the Cravings

What did the expectant mom crave during her pregnancy? You can have some fun designing the menu around pickles, ice cream and pizza, for example!

cravings - Cute Catering Ideas to take ANY Baby Shower from #Basic to #Instaworthy!

Create a Food-on-a-Stick Bar

Let Maison Culinaire create a variety of bite-sized appetizers served on picks or skewers. These can include items like Asian chicken kebabs, Caprese skewers, spicy meatballs, pinwheel sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, pork and pineapple kebabs, tiny mozzarella and marinara balls, fruit skewers and yogurt cups, or other fun-to-eat foods.

kebabs - Cute Catering Ideas to take ANY Baby Shower from #Basic to #Instaworthy!

Tips for a Successful Catered Baby Shower

  • Learn the dietary preferences of your guest of honor and your guests. Offer food items to accommodate gluten free, vegetarian or restricted diets if necessary.
  • Expectant mothers are not supposed to eat certain foods like unpasteurized milk or cheese, raw shellfish, or sushi or drink alcohol. Take that into consideration when planning the baby shower.
  • Stick with foods you know and like. This is not the time to try a new recipe or go crazy with an unfamiliar menu.
  • Have the caterer prepare serving trays. If you are serving your own guests, have your caterer prepare foods in decorative and easy-to-arrange serving platters and dishes. If you have a small serving area, the caterer can prep your foods in several smaller trays and you can swap out one for the next when the food begins to run low.
  • Plan for traffic flow. Whether you are serving buffet-style or having the caterer set up serving stations, think about how traffic will flow around the tables and around the room. Allow enough room for people to pass comfortably and keep serving areas out of high-traffic passageways and away from doorways.


Let Maison Culinaire Come Up With Cute Catering Ideas for Your Baby Shower

There are so many cute ideas that would be perfect for your baby shower, and so many creative ways to please your guests with great food served with attractive presentations. If you already have an idea for your baby shower, let us fulfill it. Or turn to Maison Culinaire’s expert catering team for lots of cute ideas. We’ll help you design the menu and determine just how much food you’ll need to order.

Maison Culinaire offers a range of catering options for your baby shower including pickup, delivery, buffet-style service, food stations, or plated seating. Determine how formal or casual you’d like your party to be, and let us do the rest. And choose from a wide variety of International cuisines.

For impeccable food, artistry and flawless service, contact Maison Culinaire. Serving the Washington DC Metropolitan region.

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