Corporate Boxed Lunches

Many companies hold lunch meetings, whether with staff members or with visiting clients or prospective clients. On either occasion, it is appropriate – and encouraged – to provide a fine lunch. But you don’t have to go all out with a big catered affair. Why not provide a corporate boxed lunches instead?

Corporate Boxed Lunches

With a modern corporate caterer, you have a wide selection of boxed lunches from which to choose. Box lunches are easily marked for individual selection and quickly served so as not to interrupt your important meeting time.

All boxed lunches include utensils, a napkin and condiments. Here are some of the options offered by Maison Culinaire for boxed lunches:

Bag Lunches

Your choice of a freshly-made American sandwich with a side salad, potato chips, and cookies or brownies for dessert.

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Boxed Lunches

Selection #1 – Your choice of a freshly-made American sandwich with a side salad, and cookies or brownies for dessert.
Selection #2 – Your choice of a freshly-made American sandwich with two side salads, and a chef’s dessert.
Selection #3 – Your choice of a freshly-made Signature sandwich with two side salads, and a chef’s dessert (excluding lobster).

Executive Boxed Lunches

Your choice of a freshly-made Signature sandwich, fruit and cheese, two side salads, and a chef’s special dessert.

Other Corporate Catered Lunch Options

Of course, you aren’t limited to only boxed lunches. By using a professional corporate caterer, you can design any menu you like. Consider serving:

Entrée Salads

Mix and match an entrée salad like a Caesar Salad, Mediterranean Salad, Sonoma Chicken Salad or a Greek Souvlaki Salad with your array of boxed lunches. Or design an entire corporate lunch menu around healthy and delicious entrée salads.

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Order in a variety quantity of hot and hearty soups or chili to accompany your corporate lunch menu or boxed lunches.

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Vegetarian Lunches

Maison Culinaire offers a wide variety of International flavors for vegetarians in your group. Some of our favorites include Quinoa Stuffed Peppers, Portabella Steak, Vegetable Meatloaf, Vegetable Fajita, or Moroccan Vegetable Tagine. All vegetarian entrees include a green salad with a choice of two dressings, rolls, butter and a chef’s dessert.

Three Reasons to Choose Corporate Boxed Lunches

  • Boxed Lunches Save Time

Corporate boxed lunches can be easily ordered and delivered directly to your conference room door. They can be quickly laid out on a sideboard or handed out to your guests. You won’t have to break from your corporate meeting to go out for lunch or take time arranging and going through a buffet line. Boxed lunches are packed with everything needed, including utensils, napkins and condiments, and remains can be repacked into the same boxes for disposal.

  • Boxed Lunches Offer Customization

If someone in your group needs a gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian option, their request can easily be accommodated with a boxed lunch. Guests can also choose their own sandwich types and side salads from a corporate menu to customize their own lunch. With a corporate boxed lunch selection, you are sure to please everyone in the room.

  • Boxed Lunches Keep Productivity High

When people are hungry, productivity drops, and negotiations can stall. Keep the meeting flowing smoothly by providing your guests with the fuel they need to keep working throughout the day.

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For Corporate Boxed Lunches, Contact Maison Culinaire

At Maison Culinaire, we understand that you are busy professionals. And as so, you demand the highest quality from your corporate caterer.

Boxed lunches are only a fraction of what we can provide for corporate affairs throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

Review our Corporate Catering Menu, but don’t let these selections limit you. We can create any sort of boxed or catered lunch you desire. Maison Culinaire specializes in International Cuisine, so any ethic preferences in food can be accommodated as well.

Contact Maison Culinaire through our Online Quote option or give us a call at 571-203-0111. We’ll be glad to provide corporate boxed lunches for your organization!


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