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Chef Sus Butler

Growing up in London and Europe as the daughter of a diplomat gave Sus an early exposure to international lifestyles. Trained as an Anthropologist and Classical Dance in her native Indonesia, she came to the United States for graduate study in Anthropology intending to focus on teaching and research. Although she never worked in this field, Sus retained a deep appreciation of the tremendous variety in the cultures of the world.

She started cooking almost by accident when she became partner/owner of French Restaurant. Thereafter she ventured on her own. Not knowing how to cook professionally, Sus embarked on a mission teaching herself by reading culinary books, magazines and culinary articles she can get her hands on. Working tirelessly by testing and creating recipes, understanding how the chemistry comes together she continues her passion creating impeccable taste that is key to any culinary success.  Her Anthropology background gave her a strong foundation of understanding the culture and traditions around the world. How food influence the everyday lives. To this day her love affair with cooking has not subsided

Sus still dedicates some of her time to research and development in the culinary field. Chef, as her staff calls her considers the culinary profession to be rewarding. Armed with a wealth of culinary knowledge, Sus blends her impeccable culinary talent with artistry creating edible work of art enjoyed by Maison Culinaire customers

Active in professional Chef Organization, she is an avid competitor in culinary competition, which has awarded her with many gold medals. Another important part of Sus’s busy schedule is teaching young aspiring chefs-to-be. Seeing them learn and grow to become successful is most rewarding and satisfying she said.

Her ability to create world cuisine has given her clients endless choices. Her attention to detail and adapting to her clients need and delivering beyond their expectation has given her the trust that is most important to Sus.

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Chef Luis Lopez

Executive Chef Luis Lopez is one of our catering chefs. He brings over twenty years of multitude of experience including ice carving. His talents in ice carving have won him many gold medals in national ice carving competition. His exquisite Garde Manger work with Fruits and Vegetable carving creates beautiful presentations for our cold platters.

He is a natural leader to our culinary team for our offsite catering. Great teacher, he loves to share his culinary knowledge with our cooks. Everyone loves to work under his leadership because he makes hard work and sometime long hours fun, but he means business when it comes to flawless service.

Whether serving 20 guests or 2000, he is always calm and in control, his timing and organization keeps our service staff working as one solid team.

sula lazo - Our Team

Sula E Lazo

Sulma joined Maison Culinaire close to 10 years ago. Without culinary experience, she started working under Chef Sus’ direction. Not knowing about commercial food preparation. Sulma excelled to become productive and efficient cook. She is passionate about cooking and always learning new cooking techniques.

She is one of our key team member preparing orders for Maison customers weather it is for a small group or a major catering order for 2000 guests. She has come a long way since she joined our culinary team and is ambitious, dedicated and loyal. Most of all she is a leader to our new culinary members.

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Richard Torrico Crespo

Richard joined Maison Culinaire with a hotel background. His experience in Banquets gives him the edge in staging large events. Not only he is detailed oriented which is key requirement for off-premise catering, he is also a talented bartender.

His customer service is above and beyond, always there to assist guests and making sure guests are enjoying the evening. Richard handles multiple responsibilities within Maison Culinaire. He coordinates logistics for all equipment required for each event, ensures we have all beverages needed. In addition, Richard maintain our fleet.


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