About Maison Culinaire

With our state-of-the-art kitchen, we can prepare any cuisine.

Our state of the art kitchen enables our culinary team to turn even a simple dish into the most sophisticated menu item. In addition, our fully equipped mobile kitchen can go to the event site to execute any menu requiring last minute and onsite cooking.

Chef Sus Butler CEC founded Maison Culinaire in 1997 after years of experience owning a restaurant, working as an executive chef in hotels, country clubs, conference centers, catering companies and even an airline in-flight kitchen. A native Indonesian raised in London, she came to the United States to pursue her masters’ degree in Anthropology intending to focus on teaching and research. Although she never worked in this field, she retained a deep appreciation of the tremendous variety of culture in the world. It was only natural that she now specializes in global cuisine. Her ability to create cuisine from all over the world gives her clients endless choices.

Sus is also an avid competitor in culinary competition where she has earned many gold medals and honors. But what is most important to her are her customers. Armed with a wealth of culinary knowledge, Sus blends her impeccable culinary talent with artistry creating edible work of art enjoyed by Maison Culinaire customers.

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This is the promise of Maison Culinaire Catering,
the Sophisticated Caterer for Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC.


Our Mission

Impeccable Food, Artistry and Flawless Service. These words are in the mind of our entire team.

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We will always listen to your needs and execute them above and beyond.

We are passionate about food, and about each project that comes our way. We always take the time necessary to plan your event thoroughly, to ensure your entire satisfaction. Each and every one of our clients gets the personalized attention that they deserve, because every single event we are trusted to cater is of the utmost importance.

No event is too big or too small for Maison Culinaire. We are happy to cater for 50, 500. Or more Whatever your needs, we are here to help and assist you every step. of the way. Our professional team will carry out their duties flawlessly.

Our Cuisine

We design food, prepare them impeccably and artistically presented by our culinary team.

Serves them everywhere from boardrooms to wedding venues and back to the comfort of your own dining room.
Maison Culinaire is the definition of Artistry, impeccable food and flawless service.

Remember the Drinks!

Now Delivering Beer & Wine
with Food Orders
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