8 Tips to Take Your Child’s Birthday Party from Average to Awesome!

Kids love birthday parties! What’s not to love about any event with cake, ice cream and presents! Even before they’re quite old enough to understand what a birthday means, children certainly enjoy the celebratory aspects of all the attention from their friends and loved ones.

Hosting a child’s birthday party can be exhausting at the same time. Kids are high-energy, and expect to be both entertained and fed well. The last thing you need is a meltdown from one or more of the children in attendance because they’re hungry. When you’re busy managing the party and the entertainment, it is great to have a caterer handling the food. And when the kids leave and you’re tired, with a caterer, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up!

A catering company will help you choose a menu to please both children and any adults in attendance, then prep, cook and deliver or serve the foods you’ve chosen for the birthday party. This leaves you free to enjoy your child’s birthday rather than being stuck in the kitchen.

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#1. Look for What’s Hot

Keep track of the latest trends in entertainment, and throw a themed party that’s sure to be a hit with the kids. There are plenty of decorations, favors, and even entertainers to dress up your party. Does your child have a favorite superhero or cartoon character? Choose that as the theme!

#2. Pick Cool Catered Foods for a Child’s Birthday Party

Foods that you can eat with your hands are always a hit with children. Serve up tater tots, chicken nuggets, sandwiches cut into quarters, fresh fruit and veggie sticks. Ask your caterer to come up with a party package. They might surprise you with crowd-pleasing options you haven’t even thought of! Be sure to serve a wide variety of foods so that there is something for everyone, even the pickiest eater. And have foods available throughout the party. Children like to eat when they’re hungry, not necessarily when the food is served.

Fresh Fruits - 8 Tips to Take Your Child's Birthday Party from Average to Awesome!

#3. Consider Party Foods for Adults Too

There will be adults in attendance at your child’s birthday party, especially if the child is young. Don’t forget to put out foods that adults will like too. Play on the party theme with the big people’s food too.

 #4. Make Food Part of the Entertainment

Delight your young guests with interactive foods like a chocolate fountain or homemade ice cream churning. Or involve them in the food preparation process, like a pizza topping party or a cooking class.

CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN - 8 Tips to Take Your Child's Birthday Party from Average to Awesome!

#5. Choose Delivery or Full-Service

If you want to go casual with your food service, see if your caterer can deliver your party foods ready to serve or allow you to pick up the prepared foods. This is a less-expensive alternative to full-service catering. On the other end, full service catering lets the caterers handle the entire food service, from setup to serving, to cleanup. Choose how you’d like to work with your caterer.

#6. Keep it Simple

Children are more interested in the entertainment and the presents than any fancy decorations or plates. Choose what you like to make the party pretty, but don’t fuss. Paper plates and plastic utensils are absolutely suitable for a child’s birthday party. Keep the foods kid-sized and easy to both eat and serve. A large chicken breast can be overwhelming for a small child.

Kids burger - 8 Tips to Take Your Child's Birthday Party from Average to Awesome!

#7. Save Money with a Party Package

Ask if your caterer offers any party packages or tiered options for a sweeter price. Some caterers, like Maison Culinaire, have access to fabulous additional services for full-service catering that includes special décor and even entertainers!

#8. Be Aware of Allergies

Many children today have food restrictions. Be sure to ask parents ahead of time if there are foods their child cannot eat. If there is a strong allergy to a food that a child cannot even be in the presence of, like peanuts, you need to be aware of that as well. Let your caterer know. They can prepare foods taking into account any known allergens, and prepare special meals for individuals with specific needs.


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kids party - 8 Tips to Take Your Child's Birthday Party from Average to Awesome!

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