5 Tips for a Tropical or Beach-Themed Wedding

Are you thinking about having a tropical or beach theme for your wedding? It’s easy with these tips—even if you’re not near the beach!

Beach theme cover - 5 Tips for a Tropical or Beach-Themed Wedding

#1. Pick a waterfront location

There are plenty of waterfront venues where you can throw a fabulous tropical-themed wedding. With the number of riverfront, lakefront and Bay-front venues in the Washington DC metropolitan area, you can feel as if you’re in the tropics, even when you aren’t.

#2. Put your toes in the sand

A number of our region’s lakes have sandy beaches where you can hold your wedding ceremony barefoot with your toes in the sand. (Check local regulations.)

Beach theme 1 - 5 Tips for a Tropical or Beach-Themed Wedding

#3. Decorate with tropical décor

Decorate your ceremony and reception areas with tropical or beachy touches. For tropical themes, choose colorful tropical flowers with lush greenery and palm fronds, fruits and fruity colors. Go campy with pink flamingos and frosty drinks or sangria topped with colorful drink umbrellas. For beach themes, seashells, fish and sand set the stage. Bring in sand and sand toys or driftwood, or use sand in jars to hold candles. Scatter seashells over fishing netting on the tables. Select the colors of the beach for your décor: sand, pink, blue, green, yellow and pink offer that tropical feel.

#4. Consider the taste of the tropics in your catering menu

One great way to offer a taste of the tropics is through your wedding catering menu. Consider coconut shrimp, oysters and mini crab cakes for appetizers, or a lobster bisque or conch chowder. Offer a selection of grilled fish, Jamaican jerk chicken or surf and turf as your entrée. And finish up with citrus tarts and key lime pie. Incorporate the flavors of coconut, citrus and pineapple into your menu for an authentic tropical feel.

kebab - 5 Tips for a Tropical or Beach-Themed Wedding

Catering idea: Kababs and skewers are fun as well as casual, served over rice with grilled vegetables. Create a colorful fruit bar or serve fruit Popsicles for a whimsical touch.

#5. Go casual

Being at the beach is relaxing, so let your guests know that your wedding will be casual. You can even offer them the options of dressing for a beach cocktail party or wearing bright tropical attire. Let your catering be casual as well by choosing a buffet-style service rather than a seated, plated dinner.

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Casual - 5 Tips for a Tropical or Beach-Themed Wedding

Tropical or Beach Themed Catering Menu by Maison Culinaire

Catering weddings is one of the mainstays of our business here at Maison Culinaire, and we’re experts at helping you design the menu of your dreams. Thinking of a tropical or beach theme? Let our event planners and catering team offer a number of ideas for both your theme and your foods. Choose the perfect “wow” menu from a wide variety of International options—our specialty.

For your convenience, you can plan practically your entire wedding here! We provide table settings, linens and china in a wide range of colors and styles, floral arrangements and décor, and can help you line up entertainment, dance floors, tents, tables and chairs…pretty much anything you require for your beach or tropical-themed wedding. You only need to make one stop to arrange it all.

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