5 Summer Farmer’s Market Must-Haves

In summer, you can find a farmer’s market just about any day of the week. That’s where area farmers and local producers bring their wares into central locations to offer convenient shopping fresh from the farm. As you walk past the booths, you can be overwhelmed by the colors, aromas and variety of foods available. We’ll help by narrowing your options down to the 5 summer farmer’s market must-haves.

Farmers Market - 5 Summer Farmer’s Market Must-Haves

Must-Have #1: Tomatoes

There is nothing to compare to the taste of a fresh-off-the-vine tomato. And lucky for you, tomatoes come in a variety of styles. You can select the bright red cherry tomatoes that are ideal for kebabs or salads, or the large red tomatoes so popular this time of year. For a taste treat, take home some of the heirloom tomatoes. Their rich, hearty flavor and beefy flesh will win you over for good!

Farmers Market tomatoes - 5 Summer Farmer’s Market Must-Haves

Must-Have #2: Fruits and Vegetables

The freshest flavors come from fruits and vegetables that were likely picked the morning of the farmer’s market. Purchase your favorite vegetables like carrots, broccoli, greens and onions. And try some of the lesser-known options that appear at farmer’s markets like dandelion greens, squash blossoms, kumquats or Chinese broccoli. Ask the farmer their tips on cooking up these culinary delights. Look for what’s in season in the fruit options, ranging from strawberries and cherries in the spring to blackberries, peaches and apples as the days grow shorter.

Farmers Market fruits and veggies - 5 Summer Farmer’s Market Must-Haves

Must-Have #3: Honey

They say if you have allergies, you should eat a teaspoonful of local honey every day. Plus, unlike store-bought honeys, these come directly from the hives, with no added sugars, cheap sweeteners or chemicals. It’s all natural. Farmer’s market honey producers usually offer tastes of their delicious honey varieties, with flavors ranging from mild to rich. The darker the honey (like buckwheat honey) the stronger the taste. One of the most popular is Wildflower honey, a middle color-range option.

farmers market honey - 5 Summer Farmer’s Market Must-Haves

Must-Have #4: Baked Goods

You’ll normally find one or more vendors selling breads, pies and pastries baked often that morning! There’s nothing better or fresher. Ask about gluten-free and other specialty options. Browse through their baked goods and taste several before making your selection. You might end up liking—and taking home—more than one!

Farmers market baked goods - 5 Summer Farmer’s Market Must-Haves

Must-Have #5: Meats

Bring a cooler and stock up on the freshest meats you’ll find anywhere. The purveyor will likely be cooking up samples and can tell you about how they make their sausages and bacons, or how to prepare their fresh beef, lamb or chicken.

farmers martket meats - 5 Summer Farmer’s Market Must-Haves

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