3 Reasons Not to Skip Dessert When Ordering for Your Corporate Luncheon

When planning a corporate luncheon, the one thing that most people look most forward to is the dessert. It’s not only a taste delight at the end of the meal, it’s a memorable moment in the middle of the day. Here are 3 reasons not to skip dessert at your corporate luncheon.

3 reason not to skip dessert - 3 Reasons Not to Skip Dessert When Ordering for Your Corporate Luncheon

  1. Dessert is the Highlight of the Meal

Eating healthy is normal. It’s something we do every day. But we don’t always get dessert. This makes dessert a special treat! Even if we may be serving the most fantastic cedar plank-grilled salmon and the freshest lemon broccoli, or the most delectable aromatic roast, people will always look to see what’s for dessert.

They’ll talk about how they have to “save room” for dessert, or “shouldn’t eat it” (but then do). They’ll set the dessert aside and look forward to it throughout the meal. They may even guard it from others set on scooping up an extra dessert.

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  1. Providing Dessert Shows you Care

Dessert is that little extra that you didn’t have to add in—but did. That makes your employees and corporate guests feel just that more special. If you’re asking for extra work on a project, or slogging through a tedious task, dessert can be just the thing to offer a refreshing pick-me-up in the middle of the day. Surprise them with a dessert buffet!

If you don’t serve dessert, you could unwittingly be leaving a negative impression on your hard-working employees or special guests who were looking forward to something special. It could be a let-down that you don’t need in the corporate environment.

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  1. Dessert leaves a Good Taste

If negotiations are hard or the meeting is long, you can brighten the mood with a fabulous dessert that will leave a “good taste” in the mouths of all in attendance. “Sweeten the deal” with a confectionary at lunchtime, or save dessert for celebrating at the end of the day or meeting.

A down-home dessert like an apple cobbler can relax the group and build comfort and camaraderie, while a fancy dessert like a chocolate mousse cake can impress guests, dignitaries or bosses. What impression do you want to make?

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Corporate Lunches from Maison Culinaire

Maison Culinaire can cater your corporate luncheon in a number of different ways. For a casual lunch, order from our assortment of sandwiches, wraps and signature sandwiches, along with a side salads, vegetable salad or pasta & grain salad. Or make salads or a soup & salad combo your entrées—and don’t forget the desserts. Order up a variety of boxed lunches that include sandwiches, sides and desserts. These arrive individually wrapped for convenient distribution.

For a hot lunch, Maison Culinaire can provide a full hot lunch buffet that includes a green salad with two dressing selections, rolls and butter, with desserts of your choice. We can set up your luncheon as a self-serve affair, or fully cater your corporate lunch with our experienced serving staff.

See our Corporate Catering Menu for more lunch ideas!

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The Best Corporate Desserts from Maison Culinaire

Now, what you’ve been waiting for—the Maison Culinaire desserts! Dessert for corporate lunches can span from the simple, like freshly-baked cookies, to the more elaborate, like a fully-stocked dessert bar!

On our corporate catering menu, Maison Culinaire provides a number of dessert options to make it easy to order. Our ideas include:

  • 10” cakes that serve 12-16
    • White or dark chocolate mousse cake
    • Carrot cake
    • Hazelnut cake
    • Black Forest cake
    • Lemon cake
    • Tres Leches cake
  • Cookies
    • Fresh chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or white chocolate macadamia nut cookies
  • Tarts & Pastries
    • Seasonal berry tart
    • Fruit tart
    • French pastries
    • Freshly-made cannoli
  • Bars
    • Lemon bars
    • Cheesecake bars
    • Brownies or blondie bars
    • Pecan bars

Remember, you’re not limited to these choices. If you have something else in mind, let’s talk! Specialty and other desserts are available upon request!

The next time you’re serving a corporate luncheon, don’t skip dessert. Contact Maison Culinaire. Providing corporate catering for clients throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

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